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Students in our 4-year Computing and Information Technologies (CIT) program are characterized by their hands-on approach to technology. CIT students are designers and builders, but primarily they’re enablers: They approach complex problems and create custom solutions that help users meet their goals. They play an integral role in any modern organization, often working behind the scenes to deploy tech where it’s needed most.

That versatility is the core principle of our degree. People are interacting with computers more than ever before, and with that comes a need for professionals that have the broad, practical skills to facilitate those interactions across a variety of sectors. A major hospital needs a stable web presence? Our students can build it. A government agency needs a database developed to track disaster relief efforts? Our students can design it. The possibilities are numerous, and are growing every day.

Not only do CIT students learn to implement complex systems, but they become well versed in their management as well. Every day, more companies are realizing the benefits that IT professionals bring to the table. They trust our graduates with high level decisions and projects because they know our degree is more than just a piece of paper. CIT offers five areas of degree concentration, and students are given the freedom to transform their passions into a career.

For information about our 2 other undergraduate degree programs, visit their websites (Human-Centered Computing or Web & Mobile Computing), or check out our departmental site Information Sciences & Technologies.

The Information Technology industry is complex and constantly evolving, but RIT's Computing and Information Technology program has given me the theoretical and practical knowledge I need to succeed as an IT professional. Through the use of hands on labs and the help of caring professors, I know what I learn here will be put to use everyday out in the field.

Peter Willis, RIT Student

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